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Register for the 2017 Ride to the Sky!

October 14, 2017

Same day registration open at 7am. 60 & 80 mile rides begin at 8am.  20 & 40 mile rides begin at 9am.



The Cookeville and Putnam County, TN area is at the heart of Tennessee’s Upper Cumberland and some of the finest cycling roads you will ever roll/climb over.  In its 3rd year, the Ride to the Sky – benefitting Cookeville Regional Foundation and Carmen’s Fund – will undergo some significant and positive changes for 2016.  First, the cycling tours will start/end at the Dogwood Park, in Cookeville.  Next, the routes will all be entirely new.  Finally, there will be 4 challenging routes (40-miler being new) from which to choose.  Some things will remain the same such as the post ride celebration with live music, locally crafted brews and nourishing BBQ with fixins.   Register for your fall challenge in the beautiful Upper Cumberland at www.usacycling.com.  We encourage early registration.

You can’t find a flat ride in the Upper Cumberland.  Us locals like it that way.  For ‘16 you will have 4 route options.  All will yield the best that the fall weather has to offer.  All will have some climbing and descents.  The degree of your challenge is up to you.  Please review the route maps and descriptions at the “Routes” section of the website.

All of the 4 routes will be common to the 9.3 mile point and include the first 376’ ascent.  From this point the 20-mile route will roll on the plateau above Cookeville and ease back down the 376’ to the finish.  The other 3 routes will see all of their initial climb erased with an attention-deserving descent down Green Mtn. road – PLEASE be cautious.  It is steep.  The 40-mile route will depart from the 60 & 80 routes at the 13.3 mile point.  You’ll want to make your commitment to challenge at this point.  The 40-mile route will tax your reserves.  The 60 & 80-mile will ascend higher into the sky.

The 60 & 80-mile routes deviate at the 30.5 mile point – a decision milestone.  You should know what you have left in the tank at this point as the many rollers will have challenged you already.  Know that there is more to come on the 60-mile loop and know that the Cub Mtn. segment looms large on the 80-mile route.  Should you continue with your 80-mile challenge, remember that there will be a 5-mile segment of well packed gravel road.  Assess your equipment and/or ride gently till back on the tarmac.  Once you have put your stamp on Cub Mtn., you’ll still have smooth switchbacks on the downhill and another couple climbs before you can party at the park.  We’ll save some food and beverage for you.  All routes will be well supported with friendly and well stocked rest stops.

The Routes

All routes will start and finish at Dogwood Park located at 30 East Broad, Cookeville, TN 38501

20 Miles

This is a 20.51 mi route in Cookeville, TN, United States. The route has a total ascent of 917.87 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,501.48 ft.

Fall rides in the Upper Cumberland region are special. After a 6-mile warm up of gently rolling terrain the route will take a challenging, but gradual turn toward the sky. Over the next mile you will gain 376’ of elevation to be rewarded with a gently rolling route on the plateau above Cookeville, TN. Great road surfaces and beautiful fall views will take you back to the top of the earlier climb for a winding decent back toward Algood and Cookeville, TN. A total of 862 feet of climbing at an average grade of 2% (stretches up to 6%) will prepare you for the after-ride food and beverages.

40 Miles

This is a 38.53 mi route in Cookeville, TN, United States. The route has a total ascent of 2597.01 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,752.03 ft

Double the distance and 3X the total climbing Vs. the 20-mile route. You will feel like you have ridden to the sky with a total ascent of 2,597’. Challenge yourself with this scenic fall route that includes plenty of rolling terrain plus short climbs with grades of 3% up to 11% (briefly). This route is common with the 60 and 80-mile routes for the first 16.5 miles. So, if you decide you have bitten off more than you can chew this 40-miler will give you a challenging fallback route that you can still be proud to finish. Enjoy the after-ride food and beverages. You’ve earned it!

60 Miles

This is a 58.88 mi route in Cookeville, TN, United States. The route has a total ascent of 3867.61 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,752.03 ft.

You will be challenged and you’ll feel that you have touched the clouds – more than once. With 3,868’ of total ascent, this metric century will cause you to dig from within. Great road surfaces with low traffic volume will provide winding ascents and descents. This route includes 4 significant climbs with lengths of 1 to 4 miles and grades of 3% to 8%. But, don’t dismiss the rollers – they add up too. This is a common route with the 80-miler out to mile 30.5. If you need a challenging fallback route, this is it. Strong food and delicious beverages await your return.

80 Miles

This is a 83.03 mi route in Cookeville, TN, United States. The route has a total ascent of 6106.61 ft and has a maximum elevation of 1,916.96 ft.

Bring strong legs and lungs on this epic route. Keep your eyes open too as the fall views are outstanding. With 6,023’ of total ascent you will be in the sky – maybe above the clouds. This is an adventure route. The best way to get to the signature Cub Mtn. climb is via a 5-mile stretch of smoothly packed gravel road. Take it easy on the gravel and conserve energy for the 1-mile climb at mile 42. Cub Mtn. could give you a nose bleed on a brief stretch with a grade of 13%. Don’t feel bad if you decide to walk a few feet of it, but we want you to dig from within. Once you conquer this climb – remember there are 4 significant climbs – you are rewarded with a smooth and curvy descent and still more rollers back to the Dogwood Park. Put on your feedbag with the post-ride food and beverages.

Benefiting Carmen’s Fund, a program of the Cookeville Regional Charitable Foundation

The Carmen Burnette CPR Education Fund (Carmen’s Fund) promotes the education and empowerment of everyday heroes by training laypersons in the life saving skill of Cardiopulmonary Resuscitation (CPR). Our mission statement “Educating Everyday Heroes” sums it up best. We provide certification in the American Heart Association’s CPR / AED Heartsaver curriculum completely FREE of charge. Our goal is to certify as many layman CPR providers as possible. You never know when you will need an everyday hero or be called upon to become the next everyday hero.

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All routes will start at Dogwood Park located at 30 East Broad St., Cookeville, TN 38501

Photo Gallery

We had a fantastic turnout last year and so much fun! Check out some of the photos from last year’s ride.